• Quantumino™

    Pentamino play has risen to a stimulating 3D level with this colorful creation. Position any 16 of the 17 pieces within the frame; but beware, there are over 10.000 potential solutions! This excellent educational tool demostrates how shapes can be arranged into predefined spaces.

  • Tantrix™ Puzzles
    Available titles

    For solitaire puzzle play, the multi award-winning Tantrix™ line has puzzle choices for everyone. Choose from mesh travel puzzle, desktop puzzle or Tantrix™ Match! puzzle cards to make you go loopy. 

  • Sacred Myths and Legends™

    Aided by coded engravings and historical and geographical clues, participants must make their way through six cryptic wooden puzzles in this unique sequential Sacred Myths and Legends™ series. 

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Sudoku Puzzles

    Get in line for a fun time with 50 puzzles offering 3 levels of difficulty. Solutions included.

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Maze Puzzles

    Try to make your way through 50 mazes of different degrees of difficulty. An a-MAZE-ing pastime. Solutions included.

  • Optical Illusions 
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    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge & find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! 

  • Rational Thinking 
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    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. 

  • IQ Challenge
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    What's your IQ rating? 
    You have 30 minutes to
    test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial & math problems.
    Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are!