• baby changing bag w/ accessories

    Open the fabric bag to reveal a changing mat for baby. Diaper, talc + cream containers included. 

  • baby doll playpen

    Easy to put together into a 16.5 long x 9.75 wide x 9.75 inch tall playpen so baby has a safe place to play or rest. 

  • 40 pc. food basket 
    2 styles

    A choice of orange basket or pink basket is in the supermarket play set. Each set is full to the brim with grocery store goodies. 

  • 5
    pc diaper set

    Clam shell packaging holds 5 baby doll diapers that fit all sizes. 

  • soft doll w/ pacifier
    display of 8 asst.

    Oh baby...Four styles of 10.5 inch baby dolls clothed in lively color combinations are available in the display. Each baby comes with a pacifier firmly attached to a ribbon.

  • baby doll w/ animal 
    3 styles

    Three 12 inch baby dolls, each holding a different fabric squeaky toy, are the styles available: Beige bear, Pink lamb and white puppy.

  • hair play set 
    2 styles

    A blond baby doll and a brunette are the 2 styles that these trend-setters come in. Each has all the hair accessories you can think of. 

  • 6
    pc Pony land 
    2 styles

    Cylinder-style packaging shows off each of the six pastel pony/ baby unicorns and their long, elegant tails. Hair brush and hair clips included. 

  • baby maggie 
    3 styles

    Three different clothing styles on the 3 different 12 inch baby Maggie dolls. Each delightful baby doll set includes a magnetic pacifier. and milk bottle.

  • lovely baby layette 
    2 color choices

    Each 12 inch baby doll set comes with bottles, bib, dress, one-sie, tops and toys. 

  • going to grandma`s 
    2 styles

    What to take to grandma's when you visit? Your 12 inch travel-ready doll. Available in two styles of backpacks and clothes. Both include snacks and toys to take along. 

  • hair styling set

    Practice styling on this head of blond hair before trying it on yourself and your friends! Set is jam-packed with everything needed to create trendy and classic hair styles. 

  • baby doll w/ nursery room 
    3 styles

    7 inch Baby Nursery Set comes in 3 styles: on rocking horse, in car seat or baby in stroller. 

  • doll play set 
    2 asst. styles

    12 inch Baby Doll Play Set comes in two styles: a purple or pink set with an outfit for the day and sleep time. Both styles include feeding accessories. Packed in a clear cylinder with handle.