• glow in the dark
    starry sky
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    Fall asleep among the stars. An assortment of glow stars are sure to make your dreams come true! Add a twinkle to bedroom ceilings, entrances, balconies and basements.

    planetarium projector

    This Dual-Function Planetarium Projector allows you to bring nighttime sky into your bedroom or play area. Great for interplanetary parties or themed nights,. The rotating star pattern of the Northern Sky is Projected with 24 HD Space Images. Choose HD Images of Planets, Nebulae, Moons, Asteroids, Astronauts, Spacecraft and Celestial Bodies. Three AA Batteries (Not Included). SORRY, AVAILABLE FOR USA MARKET ONLY.

    30X telescope / monocular

    See things up close and clear with the dual-function Smithsonian 30X Telescope/Monocular Kit. For buddy astronomers and hobbyists alike for hours of fun and entertainment. SORRY, AVAILABLE FOR USA MARKET ONLY.

  • final frontier sliding puzzles
    display 16 asst.

    Sliding Tile Puzzles have been testing and teasing puzzle
    enthusiasts since the 1880's.
    Countdown to blast off! Four images; the Space Shuttle, Earth, Space Station and Planets, have been made into sliding tile puzzles. Mix the image up then try to recreate it. They're out of this world!

  • strataSphere 2.0

    This futuristic strata game has players moving their spheres down
    and out of the multi leveled structure by manipulating the perforated sliders
    and controlling gravity. The first to free their spheres wins the game.

  • glow in the dark
    final frontier
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    T-minus 3, 2, 1 - Blast Off! When darkness falls, journey to outer space with an assortment of luminous ceiling stars, space rockets and planets. Add a new dimension to bedrooms, play rooms, balconies & basements.

  • glow in the dark
    counting sheep
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    Lull yourself to sleep by counting the flock of luminous sheep that appear nightly on your bedroom ceiling. Lambs and ewes in a variety of sizes will guide you to the happy Land of Nod. Sweet Dreams!

  • super hero in a box

    Who is that masked avenger? Complete with action cape, identity concealing mask and thrill packed wrist hands, live your dream and become the Super Hero you have always wanted to be.

  • balloon power
    display 12 asst.

    Blow up the balloon, affix the balloon to the attachment, then let it soar. It will go up, but not too far away. Balloon Powered Race Car,  Balloon Powered Boat and Balloon Powered Helicopter titles available.

  • air rocket shooter
    display 12 asst.

    Rubber Band Shooter comes with target so you can practice your aim. See how high you can shoot your Air Rocket or set up your own targets to test your shooting skill. Choose air rocket or rubber band shooter. Aim for fun!