• As a Matter of Fact™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    A selection of trivia games that are sure to be a slam-dunk! Covering all manner of subjects, from wining and dining to Superman and super tall buildings. Each sturdy tin contains 50 cards packed with information to whet your appetite!

  • BIG MultiCube Puzzles
    Available titles

    BIGGER IS BETTER! BIG fun and BIG challenges await in this series of
    BIG MultiCube tile puzzles. Mix up the tiles, then race the clock and
    your friends to see who is the quickest to recreate solid colour sides.

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    Available titles

    Twenty-one glorious sliding tile puzzle displays are available in this popular puzzle series. From sea to shore, land to mountains, cities, countries and sweets, there is a puzzle image to please everyone.

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
     Available titles

    Six popular places from around the globe are depicted in this series of sliding tile puzzles. From exotic Hong Kong, to the peaks of Switzerland, famous highlights from each country must be recreated. The perfect gift for armchair travellers.

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    North America
    Available titles

    Eight North American-themed puzzle displays depict our land and popular tourist attractions. Beautifully photographed images tease puzzle enthusiasts to scramble the tiles, them recreate the image. 

  • MultiCube Puzzles  
    Available titles

    They're all the rage - mini 1 inch MultiCube puzzles to mix up then recreate. But these can be double, triple or quadruple the fun as this series of joined cubes must be solved! Check out the key-chain puzzles so fun is always at hand.  For available titles, see below.

  • CubeD3 & dubl trubl puzls

    Colorful solitaire puzzles are perfect for so many occasions! 

  • Mini Maze Keychains
    NEW Display of 15

    A clear plastic counter-top display filled with 15 colorful mini maze puzzles. 

  • Mathable® Game Book

    They're not crossword puzzles, they're cross-number puzzles! 120+ puzzles involving basic mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be played in five different ways. It is sure to keep the whole family occupied!  Age 9+.

  • EpicOpticals™ Sliding Tiles
    display of 24

    Sliding Tile Puzzles have been testing and teasing puzzle
    enthusiasts since the 1880's. After mixing up the sixteen tiles within the frame, y
    our eyes will tear and your mind will swirl as you try to recreate the original pattern image! Six titles to choose from per display of 24. Phewww!

  • As a Matter of Fact™ Wine Trivia
    Display of 24 

    Let's make a toast to trivia! Fifty fascinating facts on wine: pairings, grape varieties, wine customs and wine movies. Test your knowledge on everythinggrape.

  • Epic Entertainment for Kidz™ 
     Animal Trivia Quiz

    50 fabulous trivia questions will test your knowledge of all creatures great & small - from bugs to bats to bears! Answers included.

  • Epic Entertainment for Kidz™ 
     Food Trivia Quiz

    Chomp and chew your way through 50 tasty trivia questions on favourite foods and facts from around the world.

    Dinner Trivia

    Gather round for an after-dinner trivia treat. Six titles and 216 question cards on Motown Music, Wine, Food, Sports, Where on Earth and X-treme trivia will have guests asking for second helpings of fun!

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Head to Toe Trivia Quiz

    From the hair on your head to the tips of your toes, learn fascinating facts about the human body.

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Sudoku Puzzles

    Get in line for a fun time with 50 puzzles offering 3 levels of difficulty. Solutions included.

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Maze Puzzles

    Try to make your way through 50 mazes of different degrees of difficulty. An a-MAZE-ing pastime. Solutions included.

  • Optical Illusions 
    Display of 12

    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge & find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! 

  • Rational Thinking 
    Display of 12

    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. 

  • Mini Metal Madness™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    Derange your brain with Mini Metal Madness puzzles! Three levels of difficulty and names such as Lunacy, Berserk and Torment may cause your brain to short-circuit!

  • Kapowee Puzzles™
    Display of 24 / 8 titles

    It's Powerful Player vs The Kapowee Puzzle as you battle to release the prized ring or handle from
    its metal entrapment.
    It's a fight to the finish; can you save the day or are you doomed

    forever?  This series of 8 metal Puzzles will blow your mind! With four levels of difficulty.

  • IQ Challenge
    Display of 12

    What's your IQ rating? 
    You have 30 minutes to
    test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial & math problems.
    Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are!

  • MultiCube 1 inch Keychains
    NEW Display of 30

    A plastic counter-display containing 30 popular MultiCube puzzle keychains tempt all who come across it! Impulse shopping at its best!