• StrataSphere 2.0™

    Be the first to maneuver your spheres down and out of the futuristic strata-structure one level at a time. Working with gravity and perforated sliders that either block opponents' spheres or give you a means of egress, this innovative, multi-level sci-fi game requires strategy and tactical skills.

  • Final Frontier™ Sliding Tile Puzzles 
     Display of 16 / 4 titles

    Sliding Tile Puzzles have been testing and teasing puzzle
    enthusiasts since the 1880's.
    Countdown to blast off! Four images of space have been made into sliding tile puzzles. Mix the image up then try to recreate it. They're out of this world!

  • 3D Puzzle

    View outer-space and the galaxies like you've never done before with 3D puzzle pieces. As you start to form the image depicted on the box, you really get drawn into space. A real puzzling experience is awaiting.

  • Sphere Keychain Puzzle
     Blue Earth

    Open up the plastic sphere at the end of the keychain and create the puzzle image within it. A fun and fabulous pastime puzzle! Try all 3 images - The Blue Earth, Basket Ball and LOVE.

  • BrainBox® 

    Designed for all budding astronauts, this great game contains a galaxy of images and information for you to explore, from constellations to comets, meteors to moon landings, as well as equipment, people and space exploration. Start the countdown for a game that is out of this world! AVAILABLE ONLY FOR THE CANADIAN MARKET.

  • Glow in the Dark adhesive ceiling stickers
    Available titles

    Choose to see multi-sized stars from STARRY SKY, fence posts, stars and two sizes of sheep from COUNTING SHEEP or space crafts, rockets, planets and stars from FINAL FRONTIER.  Or choose one of each to apply on bedroom ceilings, entrances, basemEnts, covered porches...