• Tantrix Puzzles
    Available titles

    For solitaire puzzle play, the multi award-winning Tantrix™ line has puzzle choices for everyone. Choose from mesh travel puzzle, desktop puzzle or Tantrix™ Match! puzzle cards to make you go loopy. 

  • mini maze keychains
    Display of 15

    A clear plastic counter-top display filled with 15 colorful mini maze puzzles. 

  • Metal Puzzles
    Available titles

    Big, small, thick, thin, simple, genius - we have metal puzzles of all shapes and sizes!

  • 3D Puzzles
    Available titles

    Watch as images seem to come to life as you position the thick cardboard pieces together. Chose from six titles - 48 or 100 piece puzzles

  • MultiCube Puzzles
    Available titles

    They're all the rage - mini 1 inch MultiCube puzzles to mix up then recreate. But these can be double, triple or quadruple the fun as this series of joined cubes must be solved! Check out the key-chain puzzles so fun is always at hand.

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    North America
    Available titles

    Eight North American-themed puzzle displays depict our land and popular tourist attractions. Beautifully photographed images tease puzzle enthusiasts to scramble the tiles, them recreate the image. 

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    Available titles

    Twenty-one glorious sliding tile puzzle displays are available in this popular puzzle series. From sea to shore, land to mountains, cities, countries and sweets, there is a puzzle image to please everyone.

  • BIG MultiCube Puzzles
    Available titles

    BIGGER IS BETTER! BIG fun and BIG challenges await in this series of
    BIG MultiCube tile puzzles. Mix up the tiles, then race the clock and
    your friends to see who is the quickest to recreate solid colour sides.

  • dubL trubL puzL
    display 32 asst.

    Two challenges in one puzzle! This series of colorful puzzle packets has players tilting and tipping the puzzle until all of the the small spheres settle into the holes of the puzzle. Then, the puzzle can be flipped over for a double dose of puzzle trouble!

  • cubeD3
    display  27 asst.

    Six different objectives for 6 different puzzles.  It's a clear-cut case of fun as puzzle participants must maneuver the metal spheres from one side of the transparent cube
    to the other.

  • metal madness 4x4
    display 16 asst.

    Metal Madness 4 x 4 puzzles will challenge all puzzle enthusiasts. With 4 puzzles per box, and 4 levels of difficulty to choose from, these 2-piece puzzles will drive you MAD!

  • mini metal madness
    display 24 asst.

    Derange your brain with Mini Metal Madness puzzles! Three levels of difficulty and names such as Lunacy, Berserk and Torment may cause your brain to short-circuit!

  • metal madness

    Twelve metal puzzles will test your level of competence & skill. Each palm-size puzzle consists of 2 or 3 heavy-duty metal pieces that must be taken apart then reassembled.

  • Don`t Count On It
    Available puzzle titles

    Present a gift of money or a gift card by replacing the paper envelop with this humorous wooden puzzle gizmo. Ideal for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, anniversaries and holiday celebrations. Three designs to choose from. 

  • multicube keychains
    display 30

    A plastic counter-display containing 30 popular MultiCube puzzle keychains tempt all who come across it! Impulse shopping at its best!