• Are We There Yet?™ Air
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    Get ready for fun to take off with this engrossing travel game. Aeroplane boxes contain everything you need to play Eye-Spy while in the air or at the airport.  Spot the most travel items on the travel cards to win points!

  • Mathable® Quattro

    Your number's UP! Popular letter & word games have moved up a notch by using numbers and math!  This addictive card game stimulate and strengthen math & laugh skills. Play your cards making math equations - a great game for the entire family! 

  • Lucky Seven
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    If you're trying to decide who's buying the next round of drinks, let the Lucky Seven coasters decide for you! Can you flip them over to make  to create a line of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or e.g. 5, 6, 7,1, 2, 3, 4, without getting stuck? The player with the least coasters turned buys the round! Lucky Seven is simple, fun and addictive!

    Available titles

    Put aside talk of politics or religion and deal out a dose of FRIENDLY after-dinner FUN.  Six trivia topics and six engaging games get people interacting together. Ideal for get-togethers, after dinner, parties...

  • ocean creature small peg puzzle

    Five ocean peg puzzle pieces all in a row. Remove them from the frame then put them  back in the proper order. Was it the octopus first, then whale, starfish, crab and turtle? Only one way works!

  • MultiCube Double

    Give your brain a real workout with Multicube puzzles. After scrambling all the puzzle tiles, try to recreate the original solid colored sides! If Double doesn't do it for you, try the Triple and Quadruple Multicube challenges.

  • BIG MultiCube Single

    The BIGGER the BETTER with Multicube puzzles!

    By scrambling all the puzzle tiles on the 5 x 5 x 5 cm / 2 inch multicubes, try to recreate the original solid colored sides! Challenging for all, these BIG BOLD puzzles make ideal desktop decorations.

  • BIG MultiCube Clear

    The BIGGER the BETTER with Multicube puzzles!

    By scrambling all the puzzle tiles on the 5 x 5 x 5 cm / 2 inch multicubes, try to recreate the original clear colored sides! But the clearness of the cubes makes it an additional challenge.

  • farm animal small peg puzzle

    Five friendly farm peg puzzle pieces all in a row. Remove them from the frame then put them  back in the proper order. Was it the cow first, then chicken, cat, pig and lamb? Only one way works!

  • tractor chunky puzzle

    This pint sized puzzle is perfect for little fingers. rebuild the tractor, piece by piece, within the cutout space.

  • Metal Puzzles
    Available titles

    Big, small, thick, thin, simple, genius - we have metal puzzles of all shapes and sizes!

  • CubeD3 & dubl trubl puzls

    Colorful solitaire puzzles are perfect for so many occasions! 

  • Getta Grip™
    24 ASSORTED / 8 titles

    Eight challenging metal puzzle titles will entertain and  strain the minds of puzzle enthusiasts age 8+. Four levels of difficulty.

  • Brainboozled™
    Display of 24 / 8 titles

    Strain your brain with this series of hi-quality metal puzzles. Appropriate for age 8+, 4 levels of difficulty.

  • Metal Meltdown™
    Display of 24 / 8 titles

    You'll have a mental and a metal meltdown when attempting this series of hi-quality metal puzzles. Eight titles and 4 levels of difficulty will stump puzzle participants age 8+.

  • Metal Matter™
    Display of 24 / 8 titles

    Spectacular boxes depicting various forms of metal matter hold this unique line of solid metal puzzles. Includes eight titles and 4 levels of difficulty will challenge all.

  • Mini Maze Keychains
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    A clear plastic counter-top display filled with 15 colorful mini maze puzzles. 

  • MultiCube 1 inch Keychains
    NEW Display of 30

    A plastic counter-display containing 30 popular MultiCube puzzle keychains tempt all who come across it! Impulse shopping at its best!

  • EpicOpticals™ Sliding Tiles
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    Sliding Tile Puzzles have been testing and teasing puzzle
    enthusiasts since the 1880's. After mixing up the sixteen tiles within the frame, y
    our eyes will tear and your mind will swirl as you try to recreate the original pattern image! Six titles to choose from per display of 24. Phewww!

  • Mathable® Game Book

    They're not crossword puzzles, they're cross-number puzzles! 120+ puzzles involving basic mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be played in five different ways. It is sure to keep the whole family occupied!  Age 9+.

  • Dupe™
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    A quick and skillful strategy game for two where players thread the two-tone cord back and forth through the holes of the handheld board until all adjoining hole options are filled. Manoeuvring an opponent's cord end into a blocked position requires rational decision making and observation skills so make sure you're not the one getting strung along! 

  • Dao™ Travel
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    Take a deep breath, relax, and start to play. Balancing harmony and strategy, players glide their river stone playing pieces on the bamboo mat. The first to glide the polished stones into a row, square or the four corners, wins.

  • Tantrix™ Discovery Game Pack™
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    With over 4 MILLION Tantrix™ products sold worldwide, this family game pack is stuffed to the brim with 25 solitaire puzzles and a 4-player strategy game. If you love Tantrix™ puzzles, you'll love the game! And the handy nylon game bag makes the perfect "grab-and-go" accessory for the entire family! 

  • Are We There Yet?™ Auto Travel
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    Set the wheels of fun in motion with this engrossing travel game. Little red auto bags contain everything you need to play 'Eye-Spy' while on the road. Spot the most travel items on the travel cards to win points!

  • safari small peg puzzle

    Five delightful peg puzzle pieces all in a row. Remove them from the frame then put them back in the proper order. Was it the flamingo first, then rabbit, tiger, elephant or hippo? Only one way works!

  • The Risk Factor™
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    When to stop and when to risk a roll is what this game is all about. With 9 dice faced with T-E-N-O-N-E, you collect 10 points if you spell T-E-N or 1 point to spell O-N-E. But if you take a risk and roll without forming a word, you lose your accumulated points! The first to reach 200 points wins this dicey diversion.

  • Monster Mathematical Games™
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    Four monstrous math-themed games will smarten you up or scare you straight! Packed in trendy tin packaging, dice card games with a mathematical twist will challenge, entertain and freak
    you out.

  • train chunky puzzle

    This pint sized puzzle is perfect for little fingers. Rebuild the train locomotive, piece by piece, within the cutout space.

  • Little Moppet™ Tray Puzzle Line

    The frame of these great tray puzzles stays in place. Simple remove the wood pieces from the tray, then add them back inside to recreate farm scenes, the ocean, and Noah's Ark.

  • shoe
    lacing puzzle

    can you tie your shoes? Practice tying the laces in a fun and creative way. Bright red laces must be thread through the holes in the wooden shoes, attaching them to the grass green wooden base.

  • IQ Challenge
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    What's your IQ rating? 
    You have 30 minutes to
    test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial & math problems.
    Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are!

  • Metal Madness™ 4x4
    Display of 16 / 4 titles

    Metal Madness 4 x 4 puzzles will challenge all puzzle enthusiasts. With 4 puzzles per box, and 4 levels of difficulty to choose from, these 2-piece puzzles will drive you MAD!

  • Kapowee Puzzles™
    Display of 24 / 8 titles

    It's Powerful Player vs The Kapowee Puzzle as you battle to release the prized ring or handle from
    its metal entrapment.
    It's a fight to the finish; can you save the day or are you doomed

    forever?  This series of 8 metal Puzzles will blow your mind! With four levels of difficulty.

  • usa map puzzle

    America has gone to pieces - and you have to put the states back together from sea to shining sea! With 25 wood pieces to play with, proper positioning is the key to succeeding.

  • Rational Thinking
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    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. 

  • Optical Illusions
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    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge & find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! 

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Motor City Music

    Guess the most Motor City (aka Motown ) tunes from the 60s and 70s that are hummed, tat-tatted, doo-dooed or la-lahed to you in this memorable and melodic music game. 100 tunes to guess from.

  • Epic Entertainment for Kidz™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    An assortment of games specifically for youngsters. Each games is contained in a durable tin, instructions are included with each. Get ready for giggles  as your kids decide who's the daddy of the gaggle, what they want to do when they grow up or who's the best at barking a song!

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    North America
    Available titles

    Eight North American-themed puzzle displays depict our land and popular tourist attractions. Beautifully photographed images tease puzzle enthusiasts to scramble the tiles, them recreate the image. 

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    Available titles

    Six popular places from around the globe are depicted in this series of sliding tile puzzles. From exotic Hong Kong, to the peaks of Switzerland, famous highlights from each country must be recreated. The perfect gift for armchair travellers.

  • Tantrix™ Discovery Puzzle
    Display of 36 mesh

    With over 4 million Tantrix puzzles sold worldwide, this handy mesh edition comprises of 10 hexagonal tiles in a metal or wood holder. The object is to create continuous loops of colors using the numbered hexagonal-shaped tiles. Every time you add a tile, the color of loop changes and the more tiles added into play, the more challenging Tantrix™ becomes. 

  • Dysfunctional Family Fun™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    Gather your weird yet wonderful friends and family around for an evening
    full of wild and wacky fun. An edgy assortment of two puzzles, three games and one trivia test help make a memorable time for all!

  • Mini Metal Madness™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    Derange your brain with Mini Metal Madness puzzles! Three levels of difficulty and names such as Lunacy, Berserk and Torment may cause your brain to short-circuit!

  • As a Matter of Fact™
    Display of 24 / 6 titles

    A selection of trivia games that are sure to be a slam-dunk! Covering all manner of subjects, from wining and dining to Superman and super tall buildings. Each sturdy tin contains 50 cards packed with information to whet your appetite!

  • As a Matter of Fact™ Wine Trivia
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    Let's make a toast to trivia! Fifty fascinating facts on wine: pairings, grape varieties, wine customs and wine movies. Test your knowledge on everythinggrape.

  • Sliding Tile Puzzles
    Available titles

    Twenty-one glorious sliding tile puzzle displays are available in this popular puzzle series. From sea to shore, land to mountains, cities, countries and sweets, there is a puzzle image to please everyone.