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  • rollopuzz deluxe puzzle mat

    Easily carry and store your completed or uncompleted puzzles with this non-slip felt mat that offers both a work surface and a storage system for puzzles. For puzzles up to 2,000 pieces, the 2-pc. compact storage tube is ideal for tiny house living and other situations where space is limited. Great for playing cards, counting coins, as a mouse pad. Felt mat measures 116,84 x  81,28cm / 46 x 32 inch.

  • rollopuzz classic puzzle mat

    The ideal accessory that allows you to carry and store a puzzle before completion. Roll up the mat and puzzle around the cardboard cylinder, then fasten the handy straps at each end to store or carry it. Unroll it to continue your work then store it when you want a break. For puzzles up to 1000 pieces. Puzzle not included. Great for playing cards, counting coins, or a mouse pad.

  • tantrix discovery game
    mini pocket

    The Tantrix mini pocket game tiles have reduced in size, but not in the fun factor! This portable packet adds a whole different level of challenge as players try to make the longest line or loop of their chosen color. As the paths grow longer and take on serpentine forms with each tile addition, clever moves must also be made to block or detour your opponent's path.

  • Metal Puzzles
    Available titles

    Big, small, thick, thin, simple, genius - we have metal puzzles of all shapes and sizes!

  • rollopuzz glue
    120ml / 4oz

    If you want to display your finished puzzle, simple use the glue to glue it down. Gluing your completed puzzle together into one seamless piece is a wonderful way to make an everlasting artwork that took you hours to piece together.

  • rational thinking display
    12 pcs

    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. BILINGUAL.

  • optical illusions display
    12 pcs

    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge to find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! BILINGUAL

  • Don`t Count On It
    Available puzzle titles

    Present a gift of money or a gift card by replacing the paper envelop with this humorous wooden puzzle gizmo. Ideal for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, anniversaries and holiday celebrations. Three designs to choose from. 

  • Tantrix Puzzles
    Available titles

    For solitaire puzzle play, the multi award-winning Tantrix™ line has puzzle choices for everyone. Choose from mesh travel puzzle, desktop puzzle or Tantrix™ Match! puzzle cards to make you go loopy. 

  • rollopuzz compact puzzle mat

    If you love doing puzzles but don't have available space to lay them out, these  easy carry and store non-slip felt mats offers a work surface and a storage system. For puzzles up to 1,000 pieces, this compact 2-pc. storage tube is ideal for tiny house living and other situations with limited space. Great for playing cards, counting coins, or a mouse pad. Felt mat measures 69,85 x 57,15cm / 27.5 x 22.5 inch.

  • cryptic codes display
    12 pcs

    Fifty cards per box contain 100 codes and 3 levels of difficulty, that will test and challenge a players ability decipher codes and clues to get to the bottom of things.  IN ENGLISH ONLY.

  • iq challenge display
    12 pcs

    What's your IQ rating? You have 30 minutes to test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math problems. Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are! BILINGUAL