12 asst.

    Four Tutti Frutti Friends Dough Kits: Forest, Jungle, Ocean, and Savanna, keep children engaged as they form 8 animals per kit using double-sided form cards and tubs of lemon, cherry and cotton candy scented dough. An animal info pamphlet allows older children and adults to inform youngsters all about the animals. FOR USA MARKET ONLY

  • TUTTI FRUTTI Friends
    12 Asst.

    Forest, Jungle, Ocean, and Savanna scented dough kits allow children to form eight animals per kit using 4 double-sided outline cards and 3 tubs of scented dough: lemon yellow, red cherry, and cotton candy blue. Fun facts can be read to children off of the included pamphlet. Blendable dough that won't stick or stain. BILINGUAL ENG/FRENCH VERSION.