• crossword jigsaw
    2nd edition

    It's fun and challenging. Complete the crossword puzzle first, then use the finished puzzle to assemble the 550 pc. jigsaw puzzle. Measures 24 x 18 inch when completed.

  • crossword jigsaw
    3rd edition

    Double Challenge Puzzle Crossword Jigsaws combines the fun and challenges of a 200+ clue crossword puzzle and a 550 piece jigsaw puzzle. They're challenging activities sure to please puzzle lovers everywhere.

  • crossword jigsaw
    5th edition

    A Crossword puzzle and a Jigsaw puzzle doubles your challenge! First solve the 200+ crossword clues, written by renowned crossword puzzle setter Rich Norris, in order to solve the second challenge, the 550 pc. jigsaw puzzle. Finished puzzle measures 24 by 18 inch.

  • crossword jigsaw
    music from great movies

    Memorable songs from the movies is sure to keep you humming for hours! This double the fun puzzle offers two challenges; first solve the 200+ clue crossword puzzle all about beloved music from great movies. Then use your solution as a guide to solve the included 550 pc. jigsaw puzzle. 24 x 18 inch when completed.

  • samurai sudoku jigsaw

    First solve the Samurai sudoku puzzle on the paper provided, then use the completed puzzle to assemble the 550 piece jigsaw puzzle. But watch out - the puzzle only gets harder as you work your way down. 24 x 18 inch when completed.