• rustik tock/pachisi
    travel edition

    MADE IN CANADA - A classic game that appeals to the whole family! The player who manages to bring all their marbles to their corner, wins. But to do so, you must  use the best strategies and shortcuts that the rules allow and avoid being trapped by the marbles of other players! Playing cards not Included.

  • rustik foldable 2
    1 chess/fast sling puck

    Keep the case closed to play classic Chess, or open it up for Sling puck, where the goal is to pass all of your chips to the other side, using the elastic band to propel your chips through the small opening!

  • rustik foldable magnetic chess

    Magnetic chess game folds from 7.67 x 7.67 inch, into 7.67 x 3.83 inches for easy transportation.

  • rustik travel games
    display 8 asst.

    MADE IN CANADA - The display holds 8 assorted mini travel games that are great for keeping passengers occupied on long trips. Baseball, Surf & Tock/Pachisi, Cribbage and Solo Mexicano Travel titles.

  • rustik foldable magnetic peachwood chess / checkers

    The beautiful peachwood construction adds elegance to the traditional game of magnetic Chess and Checkers. With folding board.

  • rustik magnetic chess / checkers

    The classic, traditional and foldable strategy game that you can take anywhere.

  • rustik deluxe backgammon
    wood case

    Moving your pawns around to the other side of the board according to the result of the roll of two dice, be the first to remove all your pawns from the game board. Board folds into its own carry case.

  • rustik deluxe rummy
    wood case

    Played much like the popular card game, be the first player to completely empty your easel of all playing tiles by forming different combinations. In gorgeous wood carry case.

  • rustik deluxe mexican train game
    wood case

    The goal of the game is to position all of the dominoes into one or more chains, or "trains", emanating from a central point. The first player to place all of their dominoes, wins the game. Board closes up into its very own carry case.

  • rustik double series
    travel edition

    MADE IN CANADA - A game of exclusive and original challenges! One-against-one or in teams, the goal is to form two series of 5 chips. The cards determine where you put the chips on the right boxes to create the series.

  • rustik deluxe chess / checkers

    Stunningly packaged in a sturdy canister, this elegant Chess and Checkers Set will impress with its exceptional playing components made of wood and stone.