Seven available titles of the large Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 1800 - 270 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • Little Moppet Unique Puzzles

    Ink & Stamp puzzles, interactive alphabet and number puzzles, shoe-lacing puzzles as well as sliding puzzles fit into this unique category. If you want something different, look here!

  • 4

    MADE IN THE USA - Three complex game configurations defy players to get 4 in a row up, across or diagonally. Or you may choose to construct intricate structures following the blueprints provided.

  • Mathable
    Available game titles

    Board games, card games and dice games all add up to FUN with NUMBERS! Ideal for classrooms or living rooms, these great games enhance math skills in all who participate.

  • indoor / outdoor tic tac toe toss

    Toss your bags at the 9 keys on the floor unit in an attempt to flip them to achieve three X's or O's in a row. This is a game you'll flip over!

  • Little Moppet

    A selection of wooden building sets for youngsters or elders.

  • roll

    Three sizes of mats to choose from.

  • Little Moppet
    Garden accessories

    Little Moppet child-friendly, garden accessories all specially made for little hands. Ideal for indoor plant up-keep too!

  • Little Moppet

    Learning through laughter is evident an Gross Motor Skills are enhanced when playing with toys.

  • Little Moppet Chunky Puzzles

    Thicker puzzle pieces are what these chunky puzzles are all about! Easy to handle and manipulate for all ages.

  • cryptic codes display
    12 pcs

    Fifty cards per box contain 100 codes and 3 levels of difficulty, that will test and challenge a players ability decipher codes and clues to get to the bottom of things.  IN ENGLISH ONLY.

  • matchitecture
    microbeam refill kit

    Matchitecture is an award-winning construction puzzle/hobby concept using microbeams a.k.a wooden matchsticks. Be creative. Draw your own personal plans, then make a 3D product out of the 2000 wooden Matchitecture microbeams. Use the refill beams to build and create anything you can think of from buildings, monuments, people, vehicles, animals, spaceships... Get building! MADE IN CANADA.


    Four available titles of the extra large Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 4500 - 7500 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • rustik super sling puck

    MADE IN CANADA - Simultaneously, both players must get all of their pucks through the narrow slot in the middle of the playing board using the elastic bands to propel the pieces to reach the opposite side. It is a game of action and speed.

  • matchitecture glue
    120 ml /4 oz

    Matchitecture glue bonds the microbeams together forever.

  • Tutti Frutti Tubs 250g

    Twelve available Tutti Frutti scented modeling dough scents come in 250g tubs.


    Eight available titles of the medium Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 1050 - 1750 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    With a plastic cow and sheep head, as well as hooves and tail parts, simply add the dough to the mid-section. An instant farm animal! The FARM "BUDDIES" kit is made for the youngsters 18 months old and up.  Vary the dough shape from round, squat, elongated, whatever shape they want. Use other colored dough, sparkling dough and scents!  If left to dry, simply rehydrate the dough to make it useable again. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of  scented modeling dough (watermelon, pear, and blueberry) come in each kit.

  • rustik flipop game
    made in china

    A great wooden version of a shuffle board or pin-ball game, players use the elastic band as a pull and push force instead of paddles, trying to be the first to accumulate 1000 score points. But avoid getting your pucks in the holes in the board! Can be played by 2 people or 2 teams. Solid wood game board.

  • indoor / outdoor basket toss tree

    Attach the basket tree, fill the base with water to weigh it down, then step back and start throwing the bean bags. Five different baskets = different scores so aim high. 


    Eight available titles of the small Wooden Microbeam Construction Kits containing 500 - 850 microbeams. Ideal for seniors and solitaire time.

  • tabletop pool table

    Mini Table Top Pool Table brings real life action right into your home. Featuring two return compartments in the center, this 20 inch long tabletop version is lightweight enough to stow away when not in use and requires no assembly.

  • 8 shape chunky puzzle

    Eight chunky wooden shapes in bright colors must be removed from the indented board, then refit into their proper spot! Practice makes perfect.

  • indoor / outdoor disc toss tree

    Attach the magnetic targets to the tree, attach to the base, then start throwing the discs at three different targets of differing point values. So aim LOW for the biggest score.

  • indoor / outdoor bean bag toss game

    Stand back and take aim at the 4 pockets in the fabric target. Each has a different score value so try to get your bags right in the middle pocket for the highest score!

  • rollopuzz glue
    120ml / 4oz

    If you want to display your finished puzzle, simple use the glue to glue it down. Gluing your completed puzzle together into one seamless piece is a wonderful way to make an everlasting artwork that took you hours to piece together.

  • rustik safety dart game

    Totally safe for adults or children, the soft tips of the darts ensure security. No nails in the wall, as the dart stand can sit on a shelf!

  • rustik champion sand bag game

    MADE IN CANADA - The goal is simple: players throw the sandbags into the squares of the game to earn the most points possible, so target the highest scoring squares! The difficulty level can be adjusted according to the distance to which is placed the foul line.

  • rustik finnish bowling

    MADE IN CANADA - A great outdoor game where the goal is to score 50 points by knocking down the wooden pins which are numbered 1 to 12. 

  • rustik ring toss game set

    MADE IN CANADA - An outdoor game needing simple skills, ring toss encourage players to be active outdoors.  The challenge can be whatever you make it. Take aim at a specific color of peg, or move the targets further away. Whichever way you play, the goal is the same - land your rings on specified pegs for points. Great activity for youngsters and seniors.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    FOREST "BUDDIES" kits are made for the youngsters starting from 18 months old. A plastic owl head and claws, as well as 2 fox parts, children add the dough to the mid-section to create their very own forest creature. By varying the dough shape, comical creatures can be made. Place it where you can inhale the wonderful scents. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of dough (red - strawberry, yellow - lemon, turquoise - sweet mint ) come in each kit.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    PET "BUDDIES" kit is specifically made for youngsters 18 months and up. With a plastic cat and dog head, paw and tail parts, add the dough to the mid-section. An instant animal! Children can vary the dough shape from round, squat, elongated, whatever shape they want. And try using other colored dough, sparkling dough and scents! If left to dry out, rehydrate the dough to make it reusable. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of  scented orange, banana, cotton candy.

  • rustik washer toss game set

    MADE IN CANADA - Take the fun outside with this activity game reminiscent of Horse Shoes. Placed at a distance of 21 feet apart, opposing players throw their 5 colored washers into the opponent's toss box in an attempt to accumulate the most points. Made of premium solid wood, the 2 boxes snap together for easy transportation. Great activity for youngsters and seniors.

  • indoor / outdoor bag and disc toss set

    In order to score points, hanging targets of differing point values must be flipped up. Use bags or discs to do the job. 

  • fishing game w/ aquarium

    Slip the 4 interlocking walls together to create a bright and colorful aquarium. Toss in the magnetized fish, turtles, crab, octopus and squid, then use the 2 magnetic fishing rods to haul them out for points.  

  • optical illusions display
    12 pcs

    Is seeing really believing? Take the challenge to find out for yourself! With 50 illustrated cards in each pack, your job is to determine if what you see is what you believe to be true or is it an optical illusion! BILINGUAL

  • Little Moppet bucket kits
    12 asst.

    Little Moppet planting kits are made to accommodate small hands, Great for the garden, on the beach or in the snow, Garden Bucket Kits include a sturdy metal bucket with wood handle, a hand trowel and a pair of garden gloves. Available in red, blue, and green.

  • Little Moppet garden kits
    6 asst.

    Little Moppet planting kits plant the seed of fun by having them sow and maintain their very own garden. The all-inclusive Little Moppet Garden Kits include a pair of polka-dot garden gloves, a hand trowel, hand fork, a metal watering can and a tough fabric carry bag. Available in blue/green and green/red.

  • the risk factor display
    12 pcs

    Roll the 9 dice and see how many times you can spell TEN or ONE in each roll. You get 10 points for the T and 1 point for the O. But if you make the decision to roll again and cannot spell either word, you lose ALL your accumulated points. Addictive family fun.

  • mark my words

    Create a new word each and every time you add a letter tile into the game. If you place an N next to an O, you spell ON and NO - mark them down and score a point for each word. If the next player adds a T, to spell TO, NOT and TON, they mark them down for 3 points. Making words has never been so fun! 

  • tantrix match! puzzle set
    display of 12

    Twelve sets per counter display. Cover the pre-marked spaces with the corresponding Tantrix tiles. Position left-over tiles into the empty spaces to form a continuous loop of color. With 12 cards, 3 objectives and 3 levels of difficulty, there are many potential positions but only one correct placement per card!

  • rollopuzz deluxe puzzle mat

    Easily carry and store your completed or uncompleted puzzles with this non-slip felt mat that offers both a work surface and a storage system for puzzles. For puzzles up to 2,000 pieces, the 2-pc. compact storage tube is ideal for tiny house living and other situations where space is limited. Great for playing cards, counting coins, as a mouse pad. Felt mat measures 116,84 x  81,28cm / 46 x 32 inch.

  • rational thinking display
    12 pcs

    Are you smarter than you think? Fifty cards are included in each pack. Your job is to answer the logical, numerical and spatial tests to determine your IQ. BILINGUAL.

  • mini metal madness puzzle display
    24 asst.

    Derange your brain with Mini Metal Madness puzzles! Three levels of difficulty and names such as Lunacy, Berserk and Torment may cause your brain to short-circuit!

  • metal madness 4x4 puzzle display
    16 asst.

    Metal Madness 4 x 4 puzzles will challenge all puzzle enthusiasts. With 4 puzzles per box, and 4 levels of difficulty to choose from, these 2-piece puzzles will drive you MAD!

  • noah`s ark chunky puzzle

    Twelve pairs of animals must be placed back in their specifically shaped spots. Then complete the 21 piece jigsaw challenge in the center of the board! Puts Shape Recognition to the test as there is only one designated space per couple.

  • metal matter puzzle display
    24 asst.

    Spectacular boxes depicting various forms of metal matter hold this unique line of solid metal puzzles. Includes eight titles and 4 levels of difficulty that will challenge all.

  • getta grip puzzles
    24 asst.

    Eight hang-tagged metal puzzle titles will entertain yet strain the minds of puzzle enthusiasts age 8+. Four levels of difficulty.

  • Metal Puzzles
    Available titles

    Big, small, thick, thin, simple, genius - we have metal puzzles of all shapes and sizes!

  • tantrix discovery puzzle crate
    24 wood

    Comprising 10 numbered hexagonal-shaped tiles per set, the object of Tantrix puzzles is to create a continuous loop of unbroken color that runs through all intersecting tiles. Each time a tile is added (in numerical sequence) into the puzzle mix, the color of loop changes and the more challenging Tantrix becomes. FYI – the record stands at 500 tiles or 50 sets! 

  • mathable classic

    Your number's UP! Popular letter and word games have moved up a notch by using numbers and math!  These addictive tile games stimulate and strengthen math and laugh skills. Decide which of your tiles to play in order to create addition, subtraction, division or multiplication  equations - a great game for the entire family!

  • mathable domino

    Say goodbye to domino dots and give a nod to numbers. It all adds up to fun no matter how you place your tiles. By replacing the dots with numbers, players must use basic math equations to achieve the highest score. Simple? Yes. Smart? Definitely. Fun? Totally!

  • tantrix discovery puzzle display
    12 boxes

    Over 4 million sold worldwide. Comprising of10 numbered hexagonal-shaped plastic tiles per box, the display holds 12 bags - ideal for tourist and travel situations.

  • iq challenge display
    12 pcs

    What's your IQ rating? You have 30 minutes to test your skill at solving 50 memory, analytic, abstract, spatial and math problems. Are you adept or inept; take the test to reveal the answer! Find out how brilliant you really are! BILINGUAL

  • inverse

    ECO RESPONSIBLE - This strategic game of obstruction and construction has players placing their pieces on the board so that their opponent cannot add one to the game. Deciding to position the pieces flat, on end, or on their side can create ingenious blocks and mayhem for your opponent!