• tutti frutti party bucket

    The most complete set to create everything that children can imagine thanks to a combination of modeling dough colors, scents and tools! The festive bucket contains enough tools and modeling dough to entertain several children at once! Great for birthday parties, sleep overs and general get-togethers where children are involved. Winner of the Creative Play of the Year award.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    FOREST "BUDDIES" kits are made for the youngsters starting from 18 months old. A plastic owl head and claws, as well as 2 fox parts, children add the dough to the mid-section to create their very own forest creature. By varying the dough shape, comical creatures can be made. Place it where you can inhale the wonderful scents. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of dough (red - strawberry, yellow - lemon, turquoise - sweet mint ) come in each kit.

  • Tutti Frutti large display
    144 asst. 100g tubs

    The Tutti Frutti large cardboard display measures 24 x 30 x 24 inches tall / 60 x 76 x 60 cm tall, holding 144  128g / 4.5oz tubs of Tutti Frutti modeling dough. With seven colors and fragrances:  white vanilla,  yellow banana, blue blueberry, red strawberry, orange, pink bubble gum, green apple.  

  • Tutti Frutti medium display
    108 asst. 100g tubs

    Slightly smaller than the large display, the medium display measures 15 x 24 x 15 inches tall / 38 x 60.9 x 38 cm tall, holding 108 128g / 4.5oz tubs of Tutti Frutti modeling dough. With six colors and fragrances:  yellow banana, blue blueberry, red cherry, orange, pink bubble gum, green apple.  

  • tutti frutti ice pops trio kit

    Ice -cream scoops, Popsicle shapes, milkshakes and sundaes are the frozen delights that are made with this kit. Use the scented dough on its own or combine with other colors and scents for endless results. And the best part is the cones don't drip! Great birthday party activity.

  • tutti frutti monsters trio kit

    This set allows children to use their imagination by creating monsters in all shapes and sizes. Includes wings, legs plastic eye balls, everything needed for a marvelous monster activity. 

  • tutti frutti burgers trio kit

    Watch your little ones create delicious looking burgers and hot dogs with the burgers trio kit.  Three tubs of scented and colored dough can be combined for endless color and smell combinations too! Includes tools and accessories to form hamburgers, fries, hot dogs and toppings. Light up the Bar B Q.

  • tutti frutti cookie maker kit

    What a shame you won't be able to eat these delicious looking cookie creations. With 4 tubs of scented modelling dough, cutters, molds and baking tools, children can serve up some pretend play goodies to their friends and family members. Cut out the cookies, fill them and decorate.

  • tutti frutti hairdresser kit

    For future hair stylists, this unique set makes it possible to grow the hair of all the 4 characters, then create a totally unique and original style for each of them! It even includes the hair salon chair.

  • tutti frutti bakery kit

    This creative bakery kit is perfect for little hands. Includes everything needed to make and then decorate any bakery item you can think of. Blend the colors and aromas for endless possibilities. Yummy.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    With a plastic cow and sheep head, as well as hooves and tail parts, simply add the dough to the mid-section. An instant farm animal! The FARM "BUDDIES" kit is made for the youngsters 18 months old and up.  Vary the dough shape from round, squat, elongated, whatever shape they want. Use other colored dough, sparkling dough and scents!  If left to dry, simply rehydrate the dough to make it useable again. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of  scented modeling dough (watermelon, pear, and blueberry) come in each kit.

  • tutti frutti buddies kit

    PET "BUDDIES" kit is specifically made for youngsters 18 months and up. With a plastic cat and dog head, paw and tail parts, add the dough to the mid-section. An instant animal! Children can vary the dough shape from round, squat, elongated, whatever shape they want. And try using other colored dough, sparkling dough and scents! If left to dry out, rehydrate the dough to make it reusable. Three 100g / 3.5oz tubs of  scented orange, banana, cotton candy.

  • tutti frutti counter display
    24 asst. tubs

    The perfect offering of Tutti Frutti modeling dough tubs in a 24 pc. counter display. With seven colors and fragrances:  white vanilla,  yellow banana, blue blueberry, red strawberry, orange, pink bubble gum, green apple.  Display measures 12.5 x 8.4 x 9 inch tall / 31,5 x 21,5 x 22,5 cm tall.

  • Tutti Frutti scented 100g tubs
    36 asst.

    The 36 tub assortment of 100g / 3.5oz Tutti Frutti modeling dough features seven colors and fragrances:  white vanilla,  yellow banana, blue blueberry, red strawberry, orange, pink bubble gum, green apple.  Design your own work of art to keep by your computer or bedside so you can inhale delicious fragrances.

  • tutti frutti cupcakes kit

    This creative kit is perfect for  little hands that love decorating cupcakes. Includes everything needed for a cupcake decorating party activity - scented modeling dough, paper cupcake molds, and frosting extruder and tips. Blend the colors and aromas for endless possibilities. Yummy. 

  • tutti frutti ice cream kit

    ...We all scream for ice cream... Everything needed for an ice cream making party. Create outrageous sundae and ice cream cones made with combinations of 4 scented doughs. Think chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana. You can even make the sprinkles and decorations that go on top!

  • tutti frutti dinosaur land kit

    Great start off set for youngsters. Fill the 4 molds with your choice of colored dough to get the proper dino shape. Then use your imagination to add colored spines, teeth, claws, spots. Even make trees, boulders, and bones for a landscape.

  • tutti frutti city cars kit

    Rev up your imagination! Choose to cover and decorate the 4 plastic platform cars, or use the 2 car molds to make your personal creations and wheels. The ideal set for car fans, their beautiful creations can participate in the biggest races!

  • tutti frutti construction kit

    Move it, drag it, lift it, submerge it, mix it.. With this set of construction vehicles such as the excavator, concrete mixer, and tractor, create your own construction building site. Use the 8 vehicle presses to create the basic shapes, then decorate with your three colors choices. But remember that you can mix colors together and add refill tubs to make endless color choices.

  • tutti frutti cupcakes factory kit

    This is a sure fire factory of fun! Perfect for youngster as well as adults who want to try out cupcake decorating. You are given everything needed to form, frost, then decorate your very own cupcake designs. With chocolate, vanilla, banana and bubblegum scented dough, let your imagination be your guide.

  • tutti frutti jurassic kit

    A journey to the heart of the Jurassic Era. Bring 8 dinosaurs to life, discover fossils and make the lava erupt from the volcano. Tutti Frutti's "Jurassic era" kit offers many activities under the timeless theme of dinosaurs. Have fun creating multiple brightly colored dinosaurs with Tutti Frutti modeling dough.

  • tutti frutti girly bucket

    With five different scented colors of modeling dough, molds, cutters and accessories, this delightful girly kit make for special memories when done together as a family or with friends of all genders.

  • tutti frutti buddies
    12 asst. kits

    BUDDIES sets invoke a sense of accomplishment in youngsters who have not yet developed the skills to create animal features. A plastic animal head and paws (or claws, or hoofs) are included in each set. All the child has to do is add the ball of dough between the head and feet and behold, they have created their very own animal. Six comical creatures come in each assortment: Cat, Dog, Fox, Owl, Cow, and Sheep. room deodorizers.