• reeve + jones jokes on you display A
    24 asst.

    Introducing classic practical jokes for the maniacal merriment of the professional prankster! Assortment A: Pet Poop, Goofy Teeth, Nail-through-Finger, Squirt Ring, Bug-in-Ice Cube, and Rubber Pencil.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    12 prank kit

    Twelve pranks include: Magic ink, hand buzzer, snake in a can, pet vomit, fart whistle, goofy teeth, pet poop, squirt gum, x-ray specs, squirt ring, dribble glass, and money snatcher.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    squirt remote

    Just try to control your laughter. Fill up the remote with water, then lay it near the TV or on the coffee table. When someone goes to turn on the TV, a stream of water gets them right in the face!

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    squirt camera

    Say Cheese - Fill the camera with water then ask someone to take a selfie with you. Aim the nozzle at the one taking the shot so you don't get wet!

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    disguise glasses

    Make a SPECTACLE of yourself with our wacky joke glasses. With a sturdy plastic frame,  they`re a real eye opener! 

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    head trauma kit

    You'll have to use your head in order to nail this Joke as the nail seems to go right through your head!

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    finger trauma

    Yuck, arghhh, eeek. Popular gross-out kit will scare friends and foe silly. Includes a safety pin that you position so that it seems to pierce your finger, plus a tube of "blood". 

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    ketchup spill

    OMG - An open pack of ketchup seems to have spilled on the carpet (or tablecloth or sofa, or car seat...) You better be prepared to run!

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    ouch kit

    The Ouch prank kit includes: nail through finger, magic guillotine, 6th finger, nail through head, brain floss, snapping gum, bolt in the head, magic knife, fake wounds and a surprise “BONUS” 10th Prank.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    yuck kit

    Yuck Kit includes: Egg with bug, nail through finger, vomit, 6th finger, poop, goofy teeth, fake wounds, chewed gum, brain floss, ice cubes with bugs inside, flies and spiders, plus a SURPRISE 12TH PRANK.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you
    oops kit

    Oops inspiring pranks include: Drink spill, vomit, mustard pack, spilled ketchup, magic ink, footprints, squirt gum, broken window, brain floss, pencil through the finger, and a SURPRISE 11TH PRANK.

  • reeve + jones jokes on you display B
    24 asst.

    Assortment B introducing classic practical jokes to the maniacal merriment of pranksters! Display titles include: Whoopee Cushion, Poop, Ketchup with Bug, Paw Prints, Cookie Surprise, and Magic Ink.

  • Gas

    What's all the noise about te-he-he - This patented “self inflating” whoopee cushion is a popular prank year round. Measures 7 inch round.